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Kristie is the owner and lead educator of Alter'd Mane Salon. Kristie first began her career in the beauty industry as an Esthetician and Makeup Artist. She loved everything this industry had to offer and wanted to expand her knowledge by also becoming a Hairstylist. She has a passion for blondes and lived-in, low-maintenance hair color. She also specializes in custom hand-tied extensions. When Kristie is not behind the chair, she is leading and mentoring her team through in-house education and custom career coaching. When it comes to leading her team, Kristie's passion lies within sharing her knowledge and supporting artists while they create the career of their dreams.


We strive to provide a luxurious experience for our guests without the intimidation. We educate our guests how to properly maintain their new look at home with the best product recommendations for their specific needs. Our stylists continue to stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques within the beauty industry. Our guest experience does not end once they leave the salon, our stylists continue to support their guests using social media and personally communicating to ensure their guest is always loving their new look.


Brittany is a driven stylist motivated by the goal of making every guest feel beautiful. Her love for the industry and all things beauty stems back into her childhood and grows every day. Her services range from all things cut and color as well as a special love for blonding and upstyling. She strives to give each and every guest a luxury experience in her chair.



Delaney has been a stylist for 4 years. Delaney is also an educator for our in-house mentorship program for our new team members. She is certified in Invisible Bead Extensions and loves lived in color, blonding, color correction, and fantasy color. She also loves making her guests feel beautiful whether it’s a whole new look, or just a simple blowout!


Leah has a passion for hair and is driven to make people feel confident every time they leave her chair. She offers many services, including some of her favorite services such as up styling, all over colors, and men's haircuts. She strives to learn every day whether it is learning new techniques or product knowledge, so that her guests have amazing hair not only after leaving the salon but also at home!


Amie has always been passionate about the beauty industry for as long as she can remember. She has a huge love for blonding, low-maintenance color, and styling. Her goal behind the chair is to boost her guests' confidence after every reservation. Amie is your go-to girl for all of the things trendy as she loves to stay up to date with the latest hair trends and techniques!


Nhu is a dedicated stylist with 6 years of experience in helping her clients achieve their vision. She is passionate in all things beauty, and she strives to provide her guests with the highest quality services, including but not limited to: women & men’s cuts, styling, color, highlights, balayage, lowlights, and waxing. After graduating cosmetology school, she followed up with both traveling and apprenticeships so that she can keep up to date on her knowledge of the hair industry and transform the style of all of her clientele.

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With a brush in hand and creativity in her heart, Caitlinn is a visionary hairstylist renowned for her mastery in Lived-In blonding, gray coverage, and formal styles. With over 4 years of experience, she has carved her niche as a transformative artist, infusing life and dimension into every strand she touches.


What sets Aubreigh apart is not just her technical skills, but her dedication to fostering genuine connections with her guests. Each reservation is a personalized experience, where she listens attentively to their desires, offering expert advice and collaborating to bring their vision to life. She has a love for blonding but enjoys all services!


Specializing in Lived-In color, Hannah possesses an intuitive understanding of how to seamlessly blend shades, creating looks that are not just stylish but effortlessly natural. Whether it's sun-kissed balayage, dimensional highlights, or rich, multi-tonal hues, she crafts bespoke color palettes that reflect the unique essence of each guest.

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